The QUEEN model is an exclusive handbag thanks to its design and craftsmanship. It is brimming with details and is a faithful testament to the FARNIS spirit.

The lightness of the sky blue, the intensity of the cobalt and the fascinating sapphire hue come together in perfect harmony, breathing life into a QUEEN with an elegant, serene and urban feel.


QUEEN is a large handbag with a semi-rigid structure. It also boasts a removable smaller bag and a removable shoulder strap with hand-painted edging to wear it on your shoulder more comfortably.The main fastening system is a high-quality zipper and its characteristic handles have been hand sewn using artisanal craftsmanship. The exclusive FARNIS logo and the ensemble of small refinements secured by 24k gold-plated brass hardware, are the finishing touch featured on every handbag.




Colour: Blue.

Materials: Cowhide and Calfskin.

Interior: Italian Ottoman.

Metallic Pieces: 24k Gold-Plated brass hardware.

Meauserement: 46 x 11 x 30 cm

Measurement handle: 12 cm