WILMA is an urban handbag with an attractive design and light build, characterized by ease-of-wear and functionality.

The natural elegance of this design takes on a distinguished feel in this feminine version, thanks to the neutrality afforded by the flesh tone and the exquisite nature of the powder-pink hue.


WILMA is a large handbag with a semi-rigid structure made of top-quality cowhide and lambskin leather. It also boasts a removable smaller bag and a removable shoulder strap with hand-painted edging to wear it on your shoulder more comfortably. Both pieces are made with the utmost care using artisanal craftsmanship. The exclusive FARNIS logo and the ensemble of small refinements secured by 24k gold-plated brass hardware, are the finishing touch featured on WILMA.


Color: Soft pink.

Materials: Suede and calfskin.

Interior: Italian Ottoman.

Metallic Pieces: 24k Gold-Plated brass hardware.

Meauserement: 46  x 11 x 30 cm

Measurement handle: 16 cm