From the passion for Architecture and admiration of the Fashion world, FARNIS was born, an innovative design concept, in which luxury leather is the instrument of a transgressive firm, expert in creating dreams of art and leather.

Recognizable by their marked and forceful lines, each FARNIS are manufactured with raw materials of the highest quality and are shaped by the most skilled hands artisans from Spain.

This selection of material care, makes each FARNIS a cult object for its customers who appreciate the value of a unique material provides to a unique bag.

Force, Architecture, Rebellion, Neo-luxury, Innovation & Symmetry: Welcome to the FARNIS universe.


Behind every FARNIS is a meticulously executed design project based on three essential pillars that define each one of the handbags: exclusivity, functionality and durability.

By applying basic principles from the world of architecture and large-scale designs, our creative team adapted their expertise, making every FARNIS a small architectural piece with a unique character and personality that can function with the practicality expected of a luxury handbag.


The craftsmanship of every FARNIS entails the selection of choice raw materials of the most luxurious and of the highest quality available on the market, to achieve a handbag with the perfect finish that will withstand the test of time.

Likewise, distinction is sought in the interior of every handbag since they are all lined in an exclusive Italian ottoman in vivid pink. the finishing touch on every FARNIS consists of luxurious 24k gold-plated settings and high-quality zips with delicate interlocking teeth that have been filed down and polished.


The crafting of every FARNIS is a ritual executed with great care, skill and precision, requiring several days for completion. For this reason, they are made in Spain with the craftsmanship of the world’s most uniquely skilled artisans, steeped in a tradition and savoir-faire dating back over a century. It is through their delicate handling of the leather and their faithfulness to the designs that every piece becomes an unrivalled work of art.